Cost-Effective Ways to Maintain Your Pool

Visiting the pool of your friend for a backyard or barbeque party is always an exciting and fun activity. However, after owning one yourself, you eventually realize how costly and time-consuming it is to maintain a swimming pool. Hence, you need to look for ways to maintain your pool without breaking the bank. This way, you get to enjoy more of your pool. To start with, you can try doing these cost-effective tips from the pool experts: 

Pool water testing 

Keeping up with the testing and maintenance of your water on a regular basis are 2 of the greatest means of regulating pool expenses. According to the pool experts, it would be highly recommended to keep the chlorine levels between 2/4 parts every million. Moreover, make sure to have your pool shocked at least once every week, or every time a pungent chlorine smell can be observed. Apply shock treatment during night time always to reduce chlorine loss and make sure that they have enough time to break the chloramines down that has already countered with organic materials. Moreover, try to ask your trusted pool company to have your cyanuric acid levels checked. This stabilizer helps the chlorine to be protected, which can help you save money over time. 

Pool heating 

One of the best ways to heat your pool without consuming too much energy u to utilize a solar blanket or a pool cover. Moreover, a cover will minimize evaporation rates. When you already obtain a pool heater that you are satisfied with, attempt to switch it off when you will be away for a vacation or when you think that you won’t be using for a week or a longer time.  

Pool cleaning 

If you really don’t like to manually clean your pool, you can always hire a pool expert and avail of their pool cleaning service Jacksonville. However, if you want to prevent the costs of doing so, let your automatic vacuum do its work for you. For greater results, fasten the vacuum hose after you’ve switched on your pool pump for 15min. Then, detach it 15 min. before the programmed filtration period stops. You can let your vacuum work better by manually brushing the walls of your pool and regularly skimming the leaves. To boost efficiency, make sure to clean the skimmer basket more often.  

Run your pool filter 

Pool pumps utilize a particular electricity level. You can enjoy smaller electric bills and clean water by restricting the number of times that you let your pool pump run. Most of the time, it’s enough to run it at least 4 hours a day to keep up optimal water quality. When the water appears cloudy, it boosts its filtration times by 30 min. until you can get the correct balance. This can help reduce the energy consumption of your pool by 60%. Moreover, you can protect your local electric grid while saving money by using your pump after 9pm or before noon.